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Restoration of Period Tiles

We have over 15 years experience in restoring Victorian floor tiles and other period mosaic features, mainly throughout London, and continue to offer this service.

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Example projects
Tiles salvaged and re-layed
General repair and clean
Lifting and re-laying due to structural work
Deep clean
Loose floor and repairs
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  • Finished

Tiles salavaged and re-layed

The tiles on this path were in good condition although a section was missing.

The base had suffered cracking and was in poor condition requiring replacement.

Our task was to salvage as many of the original tiles as possible then clean and re-lay along with matching replacements.

Worth noting are the amount of encaustic (patterned) tiles featured in the design, making it more than worthwhile salvaging.

  • Before
  • Finished

General repair and clean

An exterior short walkway to a London town house that simply looked tired having suffered from damage and neglect.

In particular the encaustic (patterned) tiles were missing, heavily worn or damaged.

We salvaged those tiles we could re-use and mixed them with replacements from our stocks.

Reinstating the encaustic elements of such a scheme really lifts the overall appearance, especially when combined with a deep clean and general repair.

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Lifting and re-laying due to structural work

Structural works were required to the back of this hall due to some basement modifications. The original tiles in the affected area were carefully lifted and prepared for reinstallation.

Once works were complete and a new base installed the design was extended into the affected area. Our recommendation was that the border should stop before running under the skirting and walls and that a wider threshold design should be utilised.

Our client preferred that the border was positioned to allow the field design to end neatly on the point of a box. Often when modifying or extending geometric designs such as these there are several options and compromises that have to be made.

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Deep clean

A grid based design in great condition but soiled and requiring minor restoration.

A good example of how a straight forward deep clean and seal can transform such a floor.

  • Before
  • Finished

Loose floor and repairs

This section of flooring had loosened over time and required repairs.

All the original tiles were salvaged and cleaned then mixed with either original matching tiles from our stock or new modern equivalents.

We always try and maximise the use of original material when repairing floors such as these. Where it is not possible or appropriate we endeavour to find the best colour match.

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