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V&A Glazed Ceramic Tiles

The Victoria and Albert Museum houses some of the finest art and design in the world. This range of tiles includes work from some of the 19th and 20th centuries greatest designers including William De Morgan, Owen Jones and Lewis F. Day.

From classic glaze finishes to traditional puddle glazes, printed and embossed designs to period fittings, these stunning mid-priced tiles create a beautiful décor for any room in the house.


Costs range from £0.82 to £10.00 per tile.
For an accurate quotation please contact us.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
Puddle glaze ceramic wall tiles
Glazed ceramic hearth tiles
Glazed ceramic vanity unit bathroom tiles
Glazed ceramic bathroom wall tiles
Glazed ceramic decorated bathroom tiles
Glazed ceramic William De Morgan decorated bathroom tiles
Glazed ceramic decorated bathroom sink splashback tiles

Puddle Glaze

Traditional brick tile

  • VA2005
    152 x 76mm
  • VA2006
    152 x 76mm
  • VA2007
    152 x 76mm
  • VA03186
    152 x 76mm
  • VA03193
    Racing Green
    152 x 76mm

Basic Gloss Glaze


  • VA1004
    152 x 152mm
  • VA1003
    152 x 152mm
  • VA03179
    152 x 152mm
  • VA1001
    152 x 152mm
  • VA1002
    152 x 152mm


  • VA03148
    152 x 76mm
  • VA03155
    152 x 76mm
  • VA03162
    152 x 76mm
  • VA2001
    152 x 76mm
  • VA2002
    152 x 76mm


Available in Black, Cobalt, White and Cream.

  • VA5001
    Etruria border
    150 x 75mm
  • VA4001
    Egg and Dart border
    152 x 63mm
  • VA3001
    Albion border
    152 x 38mm
  • VA6001
    Serpentine border
    152 x 25mm
  • VA8001
    Bevel border
    152 x 20mm
  • VA7001
    Dot border
    152 x 12mm

Decorated Tiles

De Morgan Panels

  • VA901024
    Fish Panel - set of four
    152 x 152mm (x4)
  • VA901022
    Fish Panel - set of two
    152 x 76mm (x2)

Fire Hearth Panels

  • VA90111
    Pomegranate Panel - set of two
    152 x 152mm (x2)
  • VA90113
    Berries Panel - set of two
    152 x 152mm (x2)

Individual Tiles

  • VA90101P
    De Morgan Colbalt
    152 x 152mm
  • VA90101T
    De Morgan White
    152 x 152mm
  • VA90118
    De Morgan Carnation
    152 x 152mm
  • VA90112
    De Morgan Blue Flower
    152 x 152mm
  • VA901036
    152 x 152mm
  • VA901033
    Clematis Decor
    152 x 76mm
  • VA90105
    Grapes Decor
    152 x 76mm

Art Deco Tiles

  • VA90114
    Green and Black
    152 x 152mm
  • VA90116
    Cobalt and Black
    152 x 152mm
  • VA90115
    Green and Black Border
    152 x 76mm
  • VA90117
    Colbalt and Black Borderr
    152 x 76mm


  • VA03223
    Galicia Temara 1
    198 x 198mm
  • VA03230
    Galicia Temara 2
    198 x 198mm
  • CAN30022
    198 x 198mm
  • VA03247
    198 x 198mm
  • VA03216
    198 x 198mm
  • VA03254
    Ottoman Blue
    152 x 152mm
  • VA03261
    Ottoman Teal
    152 x 152mm
  • VA03285
    Souk Blue Decor
    152 x 152mm
  • VA03278
    Souk Teal Decor
    152 x 152mm
  • VA03858
    Souk Black and White Decor
    152 x 152mm

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