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Architectural Large Format Ceramic Tiles

We can offer many ranges of larger format tiles via our wholesalers. These tiles are ideal for bigger spaces, such as garden landscaping or home extensions, where the hard wearing quality of ceramic and porcelain is required, but with a lower cost per square metre when compared with our Victorian geometric range.

These EU manufactured tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs, with natural, polished and anti-slip finishes.

Lead times for non-stock items can be 6 to 12 weeks. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Casalgrande Padana - Granitogres Unicolore


  • Snow - Casalgrande Padana tile colourSnow
  • Vanilla - Casalgrande Padana tile colourVanilla
  • Beige - Casalgrande Padana tile colourBeige
  • Pearl Grey - Casalgrande Padana tile colourPearl Grey
  • Ash Grey - Casalgrande Padana tile colourAsh Grey
  • Charcoal - Casalgrande Padana tile colourCharcoal
  • Grey Blue - Casalgrande Padana tile colourGrey Blue
  • Sky Blue - Casalgrande Padana tile colourSky Blue
  • Deep Blue - Casalgrande Padana tile colourDeep Blue
  • Mint - Casalgrande Padana tile colourMint
  • Shell Pink - Casalgrande Padana tile colourShell Pink
  • Violet - Casalgrande Padana tile colourViolet
  • Forest Green - Casalgrande Padana tile colourForest Green
  • Terracotta - Casalgrande Padana tile colourTerracotta
  • Mustard - Casalgrande Padana tile colourMustard
  • Scarlet - Casalgrande Padana tile colourScarlet


A selection of 16 colours from classic porcelain shades through more modern pastel and vibrant tones, with a matt or polished finish.

If installing along side our standard range of Victorian ceramic tiles, Charcoal is a close match to Black, and Vanilla a close match to Super White.

We hold stock of the Charcoal tiles in 300mm and 400mm square sizes.

Special pieces are also available, such as step treads, skirting, inserts and coving.
Casalgrande Padana - Granitogres Unicolore. Polished finished multi-colour floor designPhotograph courtesy of Casalgrande Padana
Casalgrande Padana - Granitogres Unicolore. Matt finish black and white floor designPhotograph courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

Anti Slip Surfaces

A range of anti slip surfaces with DIN51067 rating in the range R11 to R13 and DIN51130 values up to class C. Suitable for balconies, terraces, swimming pool surrounds, commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and all commercial areas affected by liquids.

Anti-slip surfaces are available in Vanilla and Beige only.

Surface 2, 3 and 5 are available in 150 x 150mm. 1 through 8 are available in 200 x 200mm. 1 and 5 are available in 300 x 300mm


  • Studded - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures1. R11
  • Carborundum - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures2. R11
  • Slate - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures3. R12
  • Lattice - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures4. R12
  • Texture - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures5. R11
  • Square - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures6. R11
  • Chequer - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures7. R12
  • Texture Plus - Casalgrande Padana anti-slip tile textures8. R13
    Texture Plus