Bespoke shaped ceramic tiles

Custom tile shapes

Beyond our standard range of geometric pre moulded tiles, London Mosaic offer a bespoke cutting service in order to create required shapes. These may be required for a restoration, a reproduction design that features an unusual shape or a more contemporary design. We employ traditional and modern cutting techniques in order to create such custom shapes.

Tiles for restoration

When missing tiles are required for an original floor, it is important to note that most are based approximately on imperial measurements and therefore will require replacements to be hand cut in order that they will fit within the existing scheme. Such tiles are generally cut from modern matching colours from within our standard range of 32 colours or other shades available in our heritage quality range.

Unusual shapes

Our standard range consists predominately of squares, triangles, rectangles and other basic polygons all of which are commonly used within tessellating geometric floor schemes. Within some period mosaics an array of less common shapes can be discovered and today can only be reproduced by bespoke cutting. Such shapes can be sized and cut in order to be compatible with our standard range. Should more elaborate shapes be required featuring curves, such as letters or numbers, then water jet cutting is employed to achieve a crisp clean finish.

Bespoke designs using cut tiles

The diagrams below are just a few examples of the possibilities available to us cutting bespoke shapes.

Example Designs

Aperiodic 1

Aperiodic 1 - design using custom cut tiles

A design based on two rhombus shapes with internal angles of 36/144 degrees and 72/108 degrees, which tessellate in many variations.

Barwick Kite

Barwick Kite - design using custom cut tiles

A variation on our Barwick design making use of a single equilateral diamond shape, which combine to create a hexagon cube effect.

Finsbury Hexagon

Finsbury Hexagon - design using custom cut tiles

Our standard Finsbury design uses a pre-moulded square and two triangles instead of the traditional hexagon shape which can be specially cut.

Gorst 150

Gorst 150 - design using custom cut tiles

A traditional Victorian pattern which makes use of specially cut trapezium shapes and 35mm wide border strips combined with our pre-moulded tiles.

Islington Trapezium

Islington Trapezium - design using custom cut tiles

Our standard Islington design uses small squares and triangles instead of the specially cut trapezium shapes featured in this design.

Lagoon 50

Lagoon 50 - design using custom cut tiles

Here our standard range of geometric shapes is combined with a right-angled trapezium to create a striking contemporary 3D effect.


Atfield - design using custom cut tiles

Using cut 25mm squares within the intersections of the design and the Greek key style border alongside standard 150mm squares and 150 x 25mm strips.


Crystal - design using custom cut tiles

Using a combination of standard squares and right angled triangles alongside specially cut equilateral triangles and hexagons.


Fountain - design using custom cut tiles

An example of a specially cut curved wave shape which tessellates perfectly. The design also uses cut 25mm squares in the border.


Isle - design using custom cut tiles

Here a period design has been recreated using specially cut hexagons, trapeziums and pentagon shapes alongside our standard geometric range.

Kite Star 50

Kite Star 50 - design using custom cut tiles

This traditional design uses specially cut diamonds combined with pre-moulded shapes from our standard range.

Octagon 140

Octagon 140 - design using custom cut tiles

A specially cut 140mm octagon sits alongside pre-moulded geometric shapes from our standard range to recreate a traditional Edwardian tile design.