Victorian and modern mosaic tile design consultancy

Studio desk with print out of design variations, a ruler and sample colour tiles.

We offer a comprehensive design consultancy service for all our clients. Whether a domestic or large-scale commercial project, we are available to liaise and assist you through every step of the process regarding design, colourway, layout and installation.

Thousands of tessellating patterns are possible using our extensive range of pre-moulded geometric tiles. We can produce bespoke designs to match your vision and budget.

We can provide specially cut bespoke shaped tiles to be incorporated into custom designs and offer ranges of large format porcelain and ceramic printed tiles, glazed wall tiles, and micro mosiac in ceramic and marble.

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Once we have received your enquiry, and the details necessary, we will provide a comprehensive tile supply quotation which includes:

  • Accurate costings
  • Designs and plans
  • Our recommendations
  • Supply options
  • Information about sheeting
  • Additional products available
  • Production time
  • Delivery methods
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We can provide sample tiles and packs from our tile ranges for you to inspect the quality and colour. Sample boards and sheets can be assembled on request.

32 colour tile sample pack

There are 32 colours available in our geometric range, and additional restoration colours available in our heritage quality range.

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Selection of sample boards showing popular Victorian floor tile designs

Floor tile design


Three diagrams of layout variations for the Berkeley tile design

In this example, three options to configure the Berkeley 70 design within a small porch area were presented to a client along with our recommendation.


Two diagrams showing options for the border pattern framing a traditional Victorian tile design

These diagrams illustrate varying optional positioning when fitting designs to a space. In this instance, due to the width of the clients' path, the outermost border is quite wide (left-hand diagram). We recommended adding a line to the border (right-hand diagram), as the symmetry of the Faraday design pattern is an attractive fit.


Diagram of traditional Victorian tile design featuring encaustic tiles Diagram of a more modern colour palette used with Victorian tile design

We created a budget-friendly alternative to the traditional Eastlake 70 design (left-hand diagram) by omitting the costly encaustic tiles and simplifying the border. Additionally, we customised the colour scheme to complement the client's interior decor, ensuring seamless integration with their home.


Multi coloured period tiled hall floor
Diagram of multi coloured period tile design

A client shared an inspiring design they discovered online, and on the right-hand side is an illustration of the pattern we recreated using our range of tiles. Old floor tile designs that have deteriorated beyond repair can be accurately matched with our reproduction range of tiles.

Diagrams and plans

We produce full layouts and scale diagrams on request and as part of our sheeted tiles service.

We are able to interpret architectural plans and provide accurate scale drawings representing the design within the footprint of the space.

Often all that is needed to produce a finished design layout is a rough sketch showing dimensions around the perimeter of the space, as there's always tolerance in the outermost border tiles.

Example scale diagram of Victorian tile design

Installation guidelines

We provide support and information throughout the design and production process, including comprehensive guidelines for accurate and high-quality installations. Aftercare and maintenance fact sheets are also available.

Sheeted tile installation

Aftercare and maintenance