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Sheeted Tiles

Our innovative sheets of individual tiles enable the laying of complex mosaic designs quicker and more accurately, saving you money on installation and delivering outstandingly beautiful results.

Sheeted Victorian Floor Tiles showing adhesive tape on top of tiles
Adhesive tape on top of tiles

Applying a clear adhesive film to the top surface of the tiles has many advantages compared to factory-produced underside mesh:

Hand assembled sheets have narrow grout lines.
Surface sheet protects the tiles from contamination.
There is 100% contact with the adhesive.
It's easy to cut and make adjustments to the design.
Provides levelling, minimising exposed edges.
victorian tile designs supplied as sheets - example patterns

What are Sheeted Tiles?

  • The majority of our geometric floor tile designs can be divided into repeating components. These components are known as standard sheets. They fit together easily, requiring minimal or no tile cutting.
  • We create these sheets by hand at our workshop, where individual high-quality tiles are carefully assembled to create tesselating patterns and a clear adhesive film is applied to the top.
  • The sheeted tiles are delivered with supporting information, such as diagrams and installation guidelines.
  • Your tiler can then lay these sheets much quicker than is possible with individual tiles, whilst also ensuring the accuracy of the design is maintained.
  • Once the tiles are fixed, the surface film is removed and the grout lines filled.
  • Your floor is finished and ready to enjoy. Our tiles are of the highest quality and your finished floor will last for decades.

A Made-to-Measure Solution

Example bespoke sheeted Victorian path tiles diagram
Example sheeted layout diagram

This is a tailored service, where all the sheeted components are created using a full layout diagram.

We firstly map the chosen design to fit the space and provide a layout diagram for your approval. The field will be composed of largely standard sheets to populate the area but the edges of the field are formed with bespoke shapes. This ensures the field is exact and features no loose tiles.

All sheets are marked either numerically or alphabetically and the corresponding diagram is provided showing the exact layout and key information such as symmetrical mid-points and centre lines.

This system vastly reduces the amount of individual components in a geometric design for an accurate and trouble free installation.

The Process

1 Individual high quality geometric tiles

Individual high quality geometric tiles

2 Assembled by hand into bespoke sheets

Tiles assembled by hand into bespoke sheets

3 Sheets tessellate to create design

Sheeted tiles tessellate to create design

4 A beautiful and accurate installation

A beautiful and accurate Victorian tile installation

Further information

A Victorian tile design should be laid out symmetrically with the field pattern finishing on a whole or half tile prior to the border.

Example sheeted layout with terminology key

It should be noted that there will always be loose tiles supplied and the lines of a border are never sheeted.

The tiles of the inner border lines are supplied loose and are pre-moulded. These are laid end to end surrounding the field, requiring only a few cuts. Commonly supplied as 150 x 25 mm strips.

Diagram - how to lay inner border strips for Victorian tiles

The decorative border element is always sheeted and is supplied in linear sections and corner sections. Because of the geometry of Victorian tiles, some adjustments may need to be made to tiles at the border centre - a method traditionally employed by period tilers. More details can be found in our 'Sheeted tile installation guidelines'.

Diagram - how to deal with border centres for Victorian tiles

The outermost border tile allows tolerance when fitting the design, accommodating for example, askew walls, pipe details or other architectural features. This tile is usually supplied as 150 x 150 mm square and is cut on site for a perfect fit.

example diagram showing cuts to outermost border tiles

Sheeted tile installation guidelines

Aftercare and maintenance guidelines

Stevenson 50 design being prepared as sheets of tiles
Octagon 100 design being prepared as sheets of tiles
Eastlake 50 design being prepared as sheets of tiles
Kingsley Diamond borders being prepared as sheets of tiles
Bexley 50 design being prepared as sheets of tiles
Sheeted tiles prepared in our workshop

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