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Welcome to London Mosaic

We specialise in Victorian floor tiles supplied in a sheeted format, a revolutionary and easy to install system.

Our geometric schemes encompass the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian periods, including a range of contemporary designs. With a comprehensive catalogue and a design consultancy service we are experts at providing tiled designs for domestic and commercial properties.

Our unique tile sheeting service provides an easy solution to ensure complex Victorian floor tile designs are installed accurately and efficiently.

The large range of high quality ceramic tiles we stock for use in our designs meet and exceed all EU standards, are suitable for interior and exterior use and at a thickness of 9mm with colour throughout, are not only decorative but robust.

Four simple steps to order your mosaic floor tiles

Pick a Design

Browse through our design catalogue, or find inspiration in our gallery

Send Dimensions

Measure the area to be tiled and send us the dimensions

Get a Quote

We provide free quotations and a design consultancy service

Find a Tiler

Advice on choosing a qualified tradesman

Victorian and Modern Tile Designs on Sheets

From classic black and white tiles to decorative multi-colour encaustics and contemporary geometric ceramics, we offer our designs in a sheeted format. The sheeted tiles system ensures accuracy and speeds up installation. Geometric tiles are carefully assembled by hand into repeating sections that tessellate to create decorative traditional and contemporary designs.

Victorian and Modern Floor Tiles on Sheets

Victorian Geometric Ceramic Floor Tiles

Reasons to install a new mosaic tile feature

  • Practical and easy to maintain
  • Decorative and aesthetically pleasing
  • Hardwearing and long-lasting

Suitable applications for new installations

  • Halls, paths and porches
  • Conservatories, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Shop fronts and retail areas
  • Garden features and steps
  • Adaptable addition to architectural design schemes

London Mosaic Catalogue

Order a free copy of our latest Victorian and Contemporary Geometric Tile Design Catalogue today.

The catalogue features over 40 pages of our most popular designs, including diagrams and photographs of finished installations. There is also information about our unique sheeted tile system and design consultancy service. Please email or call for a quotation.

Contact us to order your free catalogue. Trade enquiries welcome.

Glazed Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles

To complement our matt ceramic floor tiles, we also offer two ranges of high quality glazed ceramic tiles in the Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.

The heritage quality range is handmade to order by an English pottery and the V&A range is a stunning mid-priced collection.

Sheeted Victorian Floor Tiles

Filmed at our workshop, this time-lapse video shows the dry laying of one of our bespoke sheeted tile kits.

This design was configured to fit the dimensions supplied by one of our clients. A sheeted layout was created and the components assembled to fit together to create the whole area, in this case a path.

The only single loose tiles are the thin strips and outer-most border tiles which are required to be cut to size on site using a larger tile. For the purposes of this video demonstration we have used a fixed width tile, 150mm x 50mm.

Popular Victorian Floor Tile Designs

Black and White Tiles

'Classic 50' design
'Classic 70' design
'Classic 100' design
Classic black and white chequerboard tiles have been used for centuries, and were most commonly used for exterior pathways during the Victorian period. We can supply the design in sizes ranging from 35mm to 200mm squares, in 31 different colours, combined with many choices of decorative border.

Multi-Colour Encaustic Tiles

'Finsbury' design
'Bowood' design
'Edison' design
During the Victorian era the most common choice of tile for most homes throughout Europe was the tessellated geometric style. Decorative and colourful designs were used for hall floor interiors and often featured encaustic tiles (with an inlaid decorative pattern) at the intersections of the tesselating pattern.

Star and Box Motif Tiles

'Livingston' design
'Stevenson' design
'Willesden' design
A common theme in period tiling is to comine a star and box motif. The design possibilities with tessellating geometric patterns are endless. Should you not find the design you are looking for in our Design Catalogue or Gallery then please send images or ideas and we can create a custom pattern.

Octagon Tiles

'Octagon' design
'Cornwall' design
'Harvard' design
Octagon and dot, or octagon and star motif patterns have been popular throughout the ages, and were particularly favoured during the Georgian period for their neo-Classical elegance. Octagons are available in 100mm or 150mm sizes and are also featured in our Brigitte, Cornwall, Hallington and Harvard designs.
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