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Victorian, contemporary and bespoke floor tile designs, assembled by hand as ready-to-fit sheets

Quicker to install

Ensures accuracy

Reduces fitting costs

Four simple steps to a beautiful tiled floor
1. Choose your design and colours, then send us your floor plan.

Pick a Design

Choose your design and colours, then send us your floor plan.
2. We hand pick and assemble your design as sheets of tiles

Sheeted Tiles

We hand-pick and assemble your design as sheets of tiles.
3. Your tiler fits the design, quickly and accurately.


Your tiler fits the design, quickly and accurately.
4. The sheet is removed and your floor is grouted to finish.

Quality Finish

The sheet is removed and your floor is grouted to finish.

Victorian Floor Tiles

We specialise in Victorian floor tiles supplied in a sheeted format, a revolutionary and easy to install system.

Our geometric schemes encompass the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods, including a range of contemporary designs.

We have made it simple to enhance your home with beautiful Victorian hall floor tiles, traditional black and white path tiles, and a myriad of stunning mosaic floor tile designs for your porch, kitchen, bathroom, conservatory and garden.

We offer full customisation of all our designs, from colourways to patterns. Contact our design team to discuss your requirements.

The large range of high quality ceramic tiles we stock, meet and exceed all EU standards, are suitable for interior and exterior use, and at a thickness of 9mm, are not only decorative but robust.

With a comprehensive catalogue and a design consultancy service we are experts at providing beautiful tiled designs for both residential and commercial properties.

Victorian and Modern Tile Designs on Sheets

Sheeted Black and White Chequerboard Tiles

From classic black and white chequerboard tiles to decorative multi-colour encaustics and contemporary geometric ceramics, we offer our designs in a sheeted format.

Our unique tile sheeting service provides an easy solution to ensure complex mosaic floor tile designs are installed accurately and efficiently.

Individual geometric tiles are carefully assembled by hand into repeating sections that tessellate to create decorative traditional patterns and contemporary designs.

Sheeted Victorian Path Tiles Video

Filmed at our workshop, this time-lapse video shows the dry laying of one of our bespoke sheeted tile kits.

This design was configured to fit the dimensions supplied by one of our clients. A sheeted layout was created and the components assembled to fit together to create the whole area, in this case a path.

The only loose tiles are the inner border strips and outermost border tiles. The outermost border tile is usually supplied as a 150mm x 150mm square and cut to size on site. For the purposes of this video demonstration we have used a fixed width tile, 150mm x 50mm.

London Mosaic Catalogue

London Mosaic Paper Catalogue

Order a free copy of our latest Victorian and Contemporary Geometric Tile Design Catalogue today.

The catalogue features over 40 pages of our most popular designs, including diagrams and photographs of finished installations. There is also information about our unique sheeted tile system and design consultancy service.

Contact us to order your free catalogue. Trade enquiries welcome.

Geometric Ceramic Floor Tiles

Reasons to install new mosaic tiles

  • Practical and easy to maintain
  • Decorative and aesthetically pleasing
  • Hardwearing and long-lasting

Suitable applications

  • Halls, paths and porches
  • Conservatories, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Shop fronts and retail areas
  • Garden features and steps
  • Architectural design schemes
Hall - Contemporary geometric floor tiles. A unique ceramic floor design in warm greys, cool blues, black and white tiles, commisioned for a house renovation project.Hall - Contemporary geometric floor tiles
Path - Edwardian style tile design. Specially cut octagons were made for this reproduction tiled path design.Path - Edwardian style tile design
Kitchen - Traditional Victorian floor tiles create a feature statement in this contemporary setting.Kitchen - Victorian floor tiles
Restaurant - Victorian style floor tiles designed and supplied bespoke sheeted for the new Dishoom in Kings Cross.Restaurant - Victorian style floor tiles
Shop - We supply sheeted Black and white tiles for new Jack Wills shops worldwide. This allows their contractors to do a quick and accurate installation.Shop - Victorian black and white tiles
Steps - A Georgian town house entrance is enhanced with the addition of black and white checker board tiles along with marble step risers.Steps - Classic Georgian tile design

Victorian Floor Tile Restoration Services

Our restoration services provide tried and tested solutions for the preservation of period geometric and mosaic flooring.

Damage to such floors is rectified sensitively in order to stabilise and enhance these fine mosaic schemes whilst the cleaning and sealing process refreshes and reinvigorates these wonderful historic designs.

Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles

To complement our matt ceramic floor tiles, we also offer a range of high quality glazed ceramic wall tiles in the Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.

The heritage quality range is handmade to order by an English pottery.

Printed Wall and Floor Tiles

We offer several ranges of high quality decorative printed tiles in porcelain and ceramic.

Printed tiles are a cost effective and hard wearing way of creating areas of geometric pattern and design using large format, decorative tiles.

Architectural Tiles

We offer several ranges of large format ceramic tiles in a variety of sizes. They are ideal for bigger spaces, such as garden landscaping or home extensions, where the hard wearing quality of ceramic is required.

These EU manufactured tiles are available in a variety of solid and speckled colours, with natural, polished or anti-slip finishes.

150mm Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are traditionally created using different colours of ceramic clay, with the pattern inlaid into the body of the tile.

These new 150mm encaustic tiles can be manufactured in any of the 32 colours in the range. Custom patterns can also be produced, please contact our design team to discuss your requirements.

Micro Mosaic

This type of decorative mosaic is usually located in the entrances and foyers of large houses as well as commercial and municipal buildings.

We offer ceramic and marble micro mosaic, as either factory produced sheets or assembled in our workshop as hand nipped and sheeted designs.

Popular Victorian Floor Tile Designs

Black and White Tiles

Classic Black and White Path Tiles - our best selling design Classic Black and White Victorian Path Tiles - In this instance we custom cut 35mm wide strips for the inner line of the border, to match and replace the original Victorian design that had deteriorated beyond repair.
'Classic 50' design
Black and White Victorian path tiles
Black and White Victorian Tiles - a chequerboard with a decorative 70mm Pyramid border. Black and White Victorian Tiles - a London town house is transformed with a new black and white Victorian tile pattern supplied as bespoke sheeted tiles. Traditional Yorkstone steps and a daisy grate for cellar ventilation complete the works.
'Classic 70' design
Black and White Victorian tiles
Edwardian Black and White Tiles - a traditional 4 inch chequerboard with 2 inch diamond border Edwardian Black and White Path Tiles - The blue tiles in the border design accent this properties door colour.
'Classic 100' design
Edwardian Black and White path tiles
Classic black and white chequerboard tiles have been used for centuries, and were most commonly used for exterior pathways during the Victorian period. We can supply the design in sizes ranging from 35mm to 200mm squares, in 32 different colours, combined with many choices of decorative border.

Multi-Colour Encaustic Tiles

Victorian Floor Tiles - Black, Ivory, Red, Dark Blue, Grey and Linen, Finsbury (Grasmere) is a classic design featuring a 70mm encaustic tile. The popular Finsbury pattern featuring a 70mm encaustic tile supplied as bespoke sheeted tiles for a hall and cloakroom. Based on the dimensions and the most attractive symmetrical fit of the design, we recommended a 35mm diamond border.
'Finsbury' design
Victorian hall floor tiles
Encaustic Tiles - Bowood 50 design: Black, White, Brown, Red, Dark Blue, Coffee, Cognac, featuring a Black and White encaustic tile. Encaustic hallway Tiles - Encaustic tiles are traditionally created using different colours of ceramic clay, with the pattern inlaid into the body of the tile.
'Bowood' design
Encaustic hallway tiles
Victorian Encaustic Tiles - Edison design: Black, White, Coffee, Pale Blue, Red and Cognac, a traditional pattern featuring a 50mm encaustic tile, with multi colour diamond (Kingsley) border. Encaustic Victorian Path Tiles - Supplied bespoke sheeted to fit the dimensions supplied by landscape gardening company.
'Edison' design
Victorian encaustic path tiles
During the Victorian era the most common choice of tile for most homes throughout Europe was the tessellated geometric style. Decorative and colourful designs were used for hall floor interiors and often featured encaustic tiles (with an inlaid decorative pattern) at the intersections of the tesselating pattern.

Star and Box Motif Tiles

Victorian geometric Tiles - a traditional black and white, star and box motif design predominantly composed of 70mm squares. Victorian geometric Path Tiles - Supplied as loose tiles this popular Victorian pattern was fitted piece by piece for our clients path. We can refer you to experienced tilers.
'Livingston' design
Victorian geometric path tiles
Victorian Tiles - Stevenson 70: Black, White, Grey, Cognac and Red, a classic tile pattern with 50mm diamond border. Victorian Hallway Tiles - A traditional Victorian pattern supplied bespoke sheeted for this house revamp.
'Stevenson' design
Victorian hallway tiles
Victorian Ceramic Tiles - Willesden 50 design: Black, White and Pale Blue, a traditional pattern with decorative Granada border. Victorian Ceramic Tiles - A large hallway floor is transformed with a decorative Victorian tile pattern. Supplied as bespoke sheeted tiles for an accurate and quick installation.
'Willesden' design
Victorian ceramic tiles
A common theme in period tiling is to combine a star and box motif. The design possibilities with tessellating geometric patterns are endless. Should you not find the design you are looking for in our Design Catalogue or Gallery then please send images or ideas to our design team and we can create a custom pattern.

Octagon Tiles

Georgian Octagon Tiles - Octagon 100mm: Black and White, a traditional design based on 4 inch octagons with dot insets, and 2 inch reverse Zigzag border. Georgian Octagon Tiles - A project to replace an existing design where the base had failed. The design was supplied bespoke sheeted, except for the foot of staircase which was carefully handcut and fitted on site to follow the curve precisely.
'Octagon' design
Georgian octagon tiles
Victorian Octagon Tiles - Cornwall: Black, White and Green, a diamond set version of this traditional design based around 100mm octagons. Victorian Octagon Tiles - supplied bespoke sheeted for a contemporary kitchen design.
'Cornwall' design
Victorian octagon tiles
Edwardian Octagon Tiles - Harvard 150: Black, Red and Cognac (buff), a design based on a 6 inch octagon and hexagon shuttle pattern. Edwardian Octagon Tiles - A traditional octagon and lozenge-hexagon design supplied as loose tiles. In this instance we also produced a scale diagram for the client to ensure an accurate installation.
'Harvard' design
Edwardian octagon tiles
Octagon and dot, or octagon and star motif patterns have been popular throughout the ages, and were particularly favoured during the Georgian period for their neo-Classical elegance. Octagons are available in 100mm or 150mm sizes and are also featured in our Brigitte, Cornwall, Hallington and Harvard designs.
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