Restoration services

Our restoration services provide tried and tested solutions for preserving period geometric and mosaic flooring. Damage to such floors is rectified sensitively to stabilise and enhance these impressive mosaic schemes whilst the cleaning and sealing process refreshes and reinvigorates these wonderful historical designs.

Restoration services available

  • Deep clean and seal
  • Replacement of damaged tiles
  • Colour matching from salvaged and new
  • Extensions and alterations
  • Salvage and reinstallation
  • Reproduction of missing encaustics
  • Survey, assessment and documentation

Victorian geometric floor restoration

Our experience repairing ceramic geometric schemes within the London area spans over two decades. Our colour range of unglazed, fully vitrified ceramic provides excellent replacement material for repairs. With care, this classic style of Victorian floor tiling can be preserved and maintained for centuries.

Bitumen and carpet glue cleaned off period hall floor tiles

Micro mosaic restoration services

Smaller component tiles known as tesserae form the more decorative and grand schemes that adorn many beautiful period homes and buildings. Repairs to such designs are not dissimilar to those employed when working on geometric floors. However, we often perform repairs by preparing assembled sections off-site, sheeting them, and efficiently installing numerous tesserae in a single application.

Restoration and new assembly of glass micro mosaic floor