Heritage quality glazed ceramic tiles

This range of glazed ceramic wall tiles are hand made using traditional techniques. The pottery use original machinery, glaze recipes, tube-line hand decoration, painting and screen printing, to faithfully reproduce period quality tiles.

The glazes are rich and translucent, with slight variations in shade and crazing a characteristic of the tiles.

'Crazing' on the surface of a glazed tile
"Crazing" on the surface of a glazed tile
is a natural process

Listed below are three ranges of tiles in Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. These are followed by the new Burleigh collection.

Plain coloured tiles are 152 x 152mm and can be cut to any size and shape. The fittings and decorated tiles can be produced in any combination of colours.

Please note, due to the hand made production of these tiles, lead time for supply from the pottery is usually 8 to 12 weeks.


  • Costs range from £1.76 to £79.00 per tile.
  • For bespoke patterns and new moulds, prices start from £1,250.
  • Colour matching starts from £400.

Please contact us for an accurate quotation.

Prices exclude VAT

Victorian glazed tiles

Many Victorian designers were inspired by classical architecture and nature. Typically the colours used are rich and deep with a luxurious feel.

This selection of embossed and screen printed decors captures the heyday of the Victorian tile industry.

Victorian colour range

  • Deep Blue - Victorian tile glaze colourDeep Blue
  • Laurel - Victorian tile glaze colourLaurel
  • Chestnut - Victorian tile glaze colourChestnut
  • Honey - Victorian tile glaze colourHoney
  • Burgundy - Victorian tile glaze colourBurgundy
  • Buttermilk - Victorian tile glaze colourButtermilk
  • Cream - Victorian tile glaze colourCream
  • White - Victorian tile glaze colourWhite

Screen printed designs

  • Oreton 1 - Victorian glazed tile designOreton 1
    152 x 152mm
  • Oreton 2 - Victorian glazed tile designOreton 2
    152 x 75mm
  • Fenton - Victorian glazed tile designFenton
    152 x 50mm
  • Oakleaf - Victorian glazed tile designOakleaf
    152 x 152mm
  • Maurice - Victorian glazed tile designMaurice
    152 x 152mm

Embossed designs

  • Benthall - Victorian glazed tile designBenthall
    152 x 152mm
  • Leighton - Victorian glazed tile designLeighton
    152 x 152mm


  • Skirting - Victorian glazed tileSkirting
    152 x 152mm
  • Dado - Victorian glazed tileDado
    152 x 50mm
  • Dart - Victorian glazed tileDart
    152 x 25mm
  • Claverley - Victorian glazed tileClaverley
    152 x 75mm
  • Cressage - Victorian glazed tileCressage
    152 x 75mm
  • Hope - Victorian glazed tileHope
    75 x 75mm

Art Nouveau glazed tiles

A style of design characterised by graceful lines, influenced by floral and botanical imagery.

Tube line designs are made by piping liquid clay to create a relief against the rich transucent glazes.

Art Nouveau colour range

  • Linnet - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourLinnet
  • Merganser - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourMerganser
  • Violet - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourViolet
  • Olive - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourOlive
  • Willow - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourWillow
  • Amber - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourAmber
  • Yellow - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourYellow
  • Cream - Art Nouveau tile glaze colourCream

Tube-line designs

  • Affinity - Art Nouveau glazed tile designAffinity
    152 x 152mm
  • Iris - Art Nouveau glazed tile designIris
    152 x 152mm
  • Adorne - Art Nouveau glazed tile designAdorne
    152 x 152mm
  • Affable - Art Nouveau glazed tile designAffable
    75 x 152mm
  • Rose - Art Nouveau glazed tile designRose
    75 x 152mm
  • Narcissus 1 - Art Nouveau glazed tile designNarcissus 1
    152 x 152mm
  • Narcissus 2 - Art Nouveau glazed tile designNarcissus 2
    152 x 152mm
  • Narcissus 3 - Art Nouveau glazed tile designNarcissus 3
    152 x 152mm


  • Ribbed Slip - Art Nouveau glazed tileRibbed Slip
    152 x 25mm
  • Dado - Art Nouveau glazed tileDado
    152 x 37mm

Art Deco glazed tiles

The 1920's saw a new approach to interior design. Angular shapes, clean lines and strong geometric patterns were popular motifs.

These screen printed designs, in high gloss colours, echo the fashion of the age.

Art Deco colour range

  • Deco Blue - Art Deco tile glaze colourDeco Blue
  • Aqua - Art Deco tile glaze colourAqua
  • Mist - Art Deco tile glaze colourMist
  • Dog Rose - Art Deco tile glaze colourDog Rose
  • Bright White - Art Deco tile glaze colourBright White
  • Black - Art Deco tile glaze colourBlack

Screen printed designs

  • Cosford - Art Deco glazed tile designCosford
    75 x 152mm
  • Hilton - Art Deco glazed tile designHilton
    152 x 75mm
  • Wenlock - Art Deco glazed tile designWenlock
    152 x 38mm
  • Henley - Art Deco glazed tile designHenley
    152 x 38mm
  • Eaton - Art Deco glazed tile designEaton
    152 x 25mm
  • Aston - Art Deco glazed tile designAston
    152 x 38mm
  • Marlow - Art Deco glazed tile designMarlow
    152 x 25mm


  • Dado - Art Deco glazed tileDado
    152 x 50mm
  • Reeded Slip 1 - Art Deco glazed tileReeded Slip 1
    152 x 38mm
  • Reeded Slip 2 - Art Deco glazed tileReeded Slip 2
    152 x 25mm
  • Quatt - Art Deco glazed tileQuatt
    75 x 75mm

Burleigh collection

Burleigh have manufactured exquisite earthenware in their Staffordshire pottery for 170 years.

In collaboration with a pottery of equal heritage, their iconic Calico pattern has been recreated in tile form.


Chroma field 152 x 75mm

  • chroma cobalt field 6x3Cobalt
  • chroma aquamarine field 6x3Aquamarine
  • chroma smoke field 6x3Smoke
  • chroma cobalt laurel 6x3Laurel
  • chroma cobalt flame 6x3Flame

Chroma field 152 x 152mm

  • chroma cobalt field 6x6Cobalt
  • chroma cobalt aquamarine 6x6Aquamarine
  • chroma smoke field 6x6Smoke
  • chroma laurel field 6x6Laurel
  • chroma flame field 6x6Flame

Signature dado 152 x 54mm

  • signature cobalt dadoCobalt
  • signature aquamarine dadoAquamarine
  • signature smoke dadoSmoke
  • signature laurel dadoLaurel
  • signature flame dadoFlame

Signature skirting 152 x 152mm

  • signature cobalt skirtingCobalt
  • signature aquamarine skirtingAquamarine
  • signature smoke skirtingSmoke
  • signature laurel skirtingLaurel
  • signature flame skirtingFlame

Calico deluxe

Please note

Colours may differ between screens and as such no guarantees can be made regarding exact colour matches. We can provide samples for you to inspect the colour and quality of our tiles.

Tile sizes listed are approximate, as this range of tiles is hand made. Bespoke shapes, sizes and colours are also available.

Lead times waiting for the potteries production schedule can range from 4 to 16 weeks.