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Tile Ranges

At London Mosaic we take great pride in our attention to detail, our design service and the supply of fine products to a high standard.

We have sourced, can commission and are able to create high quality bespoke solutions for specific schemes.

Custom designs for walls and floors in both traditional and contemporary patterns can be reproduced and adapted to our client’s requirements that feature bespoke tiles, shapes and designs.

Colours and Shapes - Victorian Floor Tiles

There are 32 colours in our Victorian floor tile range encompassing traditional and contemporary shades. The tiles are highly vitrified matt ceramic, coloured throughout and 9mm thick.

Shapes available include squares, rectangles, triangles, octagons and hexagons, as well as multi-coloured encaustics and special fittings, such as round edge, step tread and skirting tiles.

Heritage Quality Floor Tiles and Encaustics

Encaustic tiles are also known as inlaid tiles, which refers to the process by which the tiles are made, in order to create the decorative motifs with which they are embellished. The more elaborate designs are usually to be seen in larger municipal, ecclesiastical or grand residential locations. This ancient technique was popular with many Victorian tile producers and small versions such as 2 and 4 inch square encaustics were commonly used to enhance the grandeur of geometric designs.

A range of such tiles is still made today by a dedicated pottery producing standard designs as well as bespoke moulds to match originals.

Glazed Wall and Floor Tiles

Period glazed tiles are a fine original feature worth preserving. During the Victorian era, many were used throughout the architecture of the period for their decoration and durability. Whilst modern glazed tiles are still popular they do not offer the style or hand finished quality that was achieved during this time. Made to imperial measurements, most were hand glazed and decorated giving them a unique finish.

Such tiles can still be reproduced to a similar standard and are perfect for both restoration and new installations where a high quality of finish and design is required.

Decorative Printed Tiles

We offer several ranges of lower cost printed ceramic and glazed porcelain tiles. These decorative tiles are ideal for residential projects on both walls and floors, in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Bespoke Shaped Ceramic Tiles

Beyond our standard range of geometric pre moulded tiles, London Mosaic offer a bespoke cutting service in order to create custom shapes. These may be required for a restoration, a reproduction design that features an unusual shape or a more contemporary design. We employ traditional and modern cutting techniques in order to create such custom shapes.

Micro Mosaic

This type of decorative mosaic is usually located in the entrances and foyers of large houses as well as commercial and municipal buildings.

Schemes such as these can be replicated using ceramic, marble or glass tesserae. Each individual piece is hand cut to size from sections of larger material and assembled onto sheets for installation. All of our designs are accurately constructed and use the finest materials available in order to ensure longevity.

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