Top three Victorian floor tile designs

"Cornwall", "Stevenson" and the "Classic" chequerboard are our most popular and versatile floor tile designs.

Today we are readier than ever to make bold choices when it comes to renovating a space and what better way to do this than with the statement of a tiled area.

An architectural feature like a tiled surface is sure to delight and impress visitors and provides long-lasting joy and satisfaction to any homeowner.

Not only does it look great, but is also versatile, being suitable for under-floor heating or within a wet-room, and above all is easier to maintain than you might imagine.

With an amazing variety of inspiring tile patterns, colours and shapes, there is an abundance of choice available to us now.

The design team at London Mosaic is on call to help you select varied and stylish tile patterns that will give your home an individual look and feel.

We have therefore chosen our three most popular tile designs to give you some serious tile inspiration, alongside some exciting adaptations of traditional tile patterns to open your mind to new and impressive possibilities in your home!


The first design on our most popular list, is the "Cornwall" tile pattern. Why? Because it's simply one of the most versatile designs in our collection and is pictured below in a traditional Black, White and Pale Grey colourway.

Narrow hallway painted in neutral tones featuring traditional Victorian floor tile design using octagons, squares and triangles.
The traditional Cornwall design compliments the modern, warm grey paintwork.

Unsurprisingly, the Cornwall design works well in both period and modern spaces. Its pattern suits many different styles, settings and colour palettes, and we are experts in customising tile designs to our client’s individual taste.

Large garden path of colourful geometric ceramic tiles, framed with sandstone paving.
A colourful Cornwall design variation.

We love curating interesting colourways, and in particular the tile hall floor project we created for the artist Anna Klimentchenko. Anna wanted to use a randomised combination of pastel and contrasting shades for her hallway floor tiles. We think her unique colour palette is stunning!

Unique patchwork floor tile design using 3 tones of white octagons, and contrasting colours for motif.
We can customise any pattern.

Our Cornwall design is a popular choice for all kinds of architectural schemes. We even supplied this design as bar front feature in a restaurant.

Resturant bar front fitted with black and white geometric Victorian tile pattern.
Cornwall design tiles used in restaurant.

We love this design and all its variations, making it one of our favourites and certainly a popular choice with our cliental.

Explore the Cornwall design


Next up is our "Stevenson" design, an adaptable and more ornate pattern. Its compact tessellation allows more opportunity to play with colour and accentuate shapes.

Large hallway with panelling on walls and staircase, featuring traditional curved wall. Period style Victorian floor tiles in red, grey, black and ivory colours.
Grand Victorian entrance hall.

This geometric tile pattern is certainly a popular choice for the home, perhaps due to its ability to create a sense of expansive space.

Traditional geometric Victorian tile design in modern neutral colour pallette.
Customise your Stevenson design.

Browse our Stevenson designs and you will see that we have over thirty different examples to choose from. Variations in colour, size and the pairing with different border options is what makes our mosaics fit any space.

Edwardian mosaic path tiles in warm earthy colourway.
Stevenson pattern in Edwardian colour palette.

Often chosen for hallways, the Stevenson design was popular during the Victorian period and easily impresses upon entering a home. Today this tile design continues to provide the opportunity to innovate with new colour combinations.

Period star and box motif geometric hallway floor design in green tones.
Stevenson design in green tones.

It works perfectly with original features in any modern period home, and is a great design to experiment with, or simply incorporate a favourite colour within an interior design scheme, such as the pop of yellow seen below.

Mosaic hallway floor tile design in grey and yellow.
An accent colour makes this traditional pattern feel modern.
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It should come as no surprise that our "Classic" chequerboard has made it into the top three. This historic, monochrome geometric pattern packs a punch.

Georgian town house steps in classic black and white chequerboard design with marble risers.
Classic chequerboard steps.

Traditionally used during the Victorian era and famously adorning numerous hallways, pathways and porches, chequerboard tiling is timeless and familiar.

Traditional black and white Victorian path tiles, with rope top edging to sides.
Classic chequerboard path.

Although a design usually seen in Black and White, we at London Mosaic love to adapt tile designs to modern tastes and creative ideas.

Blue and White mosaic chequerboard tiles on hallway floor.
Choose from 32 colours for your chequerboard hall.

Selected from the 32 different colours within the Winckelman’s palette – Australian Green and Pink tiles sing together harmoniously in this contemporary adaptation of the Classic 50 chequerboard.

Black and White checkerboard path tiles framed with a border in pink and green.
Customise your path tiles.

Here we see how a typical small front garden of a London town house, is transformed with a new black and white Victorian tile pattern, supplied as bespoke sheeted tiles. Traditional York stone steps and a daisy grate for cellar ventilation both compliment and complete the works.

Black and White garden path tiles with border made up of different sized triangles lead to York stone steps with daisy grate ventilation grill.
Traditional black and white front garden tiles.
Explore the Classic design

If any of our top designs inspire you to make a start on your tiling project, then make sure to get in touch with our talented design team who are ready to assist you with your project from start to finish.

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