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By Julian Hill • Founder, London Mosaic
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Perfect for paths, porches, steps and more

When transforming your outdoor space, outdoor mosaic tiles offer a timeless blend of beauty and functionality. Whether you're revamping your garden pathway, porch, or patio, these tiles can create a striking visual impact. Their versatility allows them to adapt to various outdoor areas, providing a seamless and elegant finish that complements your overall design aesthetic.

The timeless allure of exterior Victorian tiles

Why are geometric patterns a popular choice for a period property?

We recognise the original style of Victorian homes for their ornamental and decorative tile designs. The intricate patterns found in exterior Victorian tiles perfectly capture the essence of this era. The combination of tradition and innovation during the Victorian era has inspired us to continue the legacy of exquisite and durable tiling that stands the test of time, making it ideal for all seasons.

Classic black and white chequerboard tiles - A timeless design choice

The bold and straightforward beauty of the chequerboard pattern has adorned the pathways and porch steps of Victorian streets for generations. This classic black-and-white design never goes out of style and effortlessly blends with various architectural themes.

Classic Victorian black and white chequerboard exterior path tiles, framed with a zigzag border motif.
Victorian black and white chequerboard path tiles with a zigzag border motif.

Whether you're looking to recreate the original patterns or create a fresh scheme, the versatility of exterior Victorian tiles allows for easy adaptation to different spaces and budgets. By playing with tile sizes and border combinations, you can achieve a unique and affordable solution that perfectly suits your outdoor area.

Larger format, 100mm black and white outdoor path tiles with 50mm Kingsley border.
Four inch black and white tiles.

An aesthetically strong tile design defines the entrance of a period building, capturing attention and leading the eye from the pavement towards its facade.

Traditional checkerboard tiling on a set of exterior steps of a large London town house. Marble step risers, and iron railings complete the period styling.
Checkerboard step tiles with marble risers and iron railings.

Our extensive range of tiles is robust and practical to maintain and closely replicates the elegance of those produced over a century ago, ensuring an authentic and timeless look.

Traditional tile design - Adding charm and value to your heritage home

A pattern of classic path tiles can add charm and elegance to your outdoor space while significantly enhancing the value of your heritage home.

The longevity of these exterior Victorian tiles is unparalleled, thanks to the continued production of high-quality tiles.

Highly decorative, multi colour, exterior Victorian mosaic tile patterned pathway features large encaustic tiles.
Highly decorative and colourful path tiles with encaustics, Teddington design.

The wide array of colours allows you to recreate or revitalise older styles and schemes, infusing them with fresh hues and tones that breathe new life into your outdoor area.

A traditional black, white and grey Victorian garden path design, using a box and star motif. The path is framed with rope top edging.
Traditional star and box motif tile pattern.

Geometric path tiles have become synonymous with Victorian architecture, renowned for their durability and weather-resistant qualities, offering a practical solution without compromising historic charm.

A traditional Edwardian exterior tiled path composed of octagon and hexagon shapes in red, brown, black and buff.
Edwardian style octagon and shuttle pattern, Harvard 150.

Contemporary geometric tile patterns - Elevating your outdoor aesthetic

Unleash your creativity and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home's exterior with our collection of contemporary geometric tile patterns. These outdoor mosaic tiles provide a functional and visually appealing surface for outdoor living and entertaining within your garden scheme.

A traditional mosaic pattern in a modern grey tone colour palette makes a stunning outdoor patio floor. Wicker sofa, chair and table, and two electric candles, complete the outdoor setting.
Modern grey toned mosaic pattern Colliford, for a garden patio.

The solid geometry adds a modern touch while defining and enhancing the overall appeal of your exterior space. Whether used on patios, walkways, or other outdoor areas, these tiles present endless creative expression and personalisation opportunities.

Exterior geometric black and white path composed of triangles leading to a blue front door.
Hudson 100, geometric black and white ceramic triangles.

Pathways are an ideal location for incorporating a modern twist, evoking nostalgic memories of a bygone era while maintaining a contemporary vibe.

A contemporary black and white herringbone pattern makes for a striking exterior entryway between two brick piers.
Herringbone in black and white.

Greenhouse tiling - A practical and hygienic flooring solution

Greenhouse with exterior quality mosaic floor tiles.
Battersea design mosaic tiles on greenhouse floor.

The practical and hygienic appeal of geometric tile designs makes them a popular choice for greenhouse flooring. Beyond their visual allure, outdoor mosaic tiles significantly regulate temperature and humidity levels, contributing to optimal growing conditions for your plants.

Furthermore, their smooth surface offers a delightful walking experience, particularly on hot summer days when the greenhouse can become a sanctuary of serenity and pleasure.

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Versatile, durable and timeless

In conclusion, outdoor mosaic and exterior Victorian tiles are exceptional choices for enhancing outdoor space. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary aesthetic, these tiles offer versatility, durability, and timeless beauty.

From pathways to patios, they add charm, elegance, and value to your property. Incorporating these tiles into your design scheme allows you to reflect your style while ensuring a functional and visually appealing environment. Embrace the allure of these tiles and embark on a transformative journey to elevate your outdoor living experience.

Why choose London Mosaic

We supply high quality, reproduction Victorian floor tiles suitable for interior and exterior use in a quick to install sheeted format.

Our knowledgeable design team are experts in configuring and customising traditional and modern styled patterns.

Our extensive catalogue of tile designs encompasses the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian periods, including a range of modern designs.

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Black and White reproduction Victorian path tiles

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Mosaic tiles supplied as sheets

Our bespoke sheeted tile supply method has revolutionised the way in which beautiful Victorian tile design can be supplied and fitted.

As opposed to the traditional method of setting out each tile one by one, our designs are assembled by hand on to tessellating sheets.

This allows intricate geometric designs to be installed accurately, saving you time and money on installation and delivering outstanding, beautiful results.

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