What are Victorian floor tiles?

Victorian tiles

The range of ceramic floor tiles that we supply, are made in exactly the same way as the potteries of the Victorian era, and therefore can be used to reproduce this style of geometric design.

The tradition of colourful and decorative mosaic tiling remains to this day and has grown in popularity over the last few decades.

This hard wearing and beautiful style of flooring is an ideal way to complement and embellish the interior and exterior design of both period and modern homes.

Victorian floor tiles

They are small individually coloured vitrified ceramic tiles of various sizes and geometric shapes that are arranged in repeating patterns, used to decorate a floor space.

Multi coloured Victorian encaustic path tiles.
The Teddington design features a large decorative encaustic tile.

These Victorian tile designs, or pavements, are found throughout the UK as well as the territories of the once British Empire, in particular America and Australia.

The stately Victorian homes that line town and city streets are where these designs can easily be viewed and discovered.

Traditional Victorian mosaic path tiles outside large semi-detached property with a 'London yellow' brick wall and metal railings.
The popular Cornwall design in Black, White and Pale Grey.

The fashion for this flooring grew immensely at the peak of the Industrial age. Factory production on a grand scale created an affordable supply of tiles in their millions to adorn the homes of the middle classes, eager to display their good taste.

Beautiful, colourful geometric design

These colourful Victorian tile designs were prized for both their beauty and ease of maintenance.

Highly decorative geometric tile design featuring a Greek key border motif. Bespoke Victorian Floor Tile design to match the period original in adjoining room.
A custom Victorian floor tile design to match the period original in adjoining room.

Whilst being hard wearing and practical, Victorian floor tiles were installed for two main reasons, they were considered to be hygienic and decorative.

Aesthetically, the impact of mosaic path tiles, hallway floor tiles or glazed ceramic porch panels served to wow and impress any visiting guests.

High quality manufacturing

The durability of this type of flooring is specifically due to each tile being made of a solid colour, achieved by pressing and firing a coloured ceramic dust at high temperatures. Tiles such as this are often referred to as dust-pressed tiles.

Restored and cleaned Victorian floor tiles. Minor repairs and cleaning to colourful period tiles.
Original Victorian hallway floor tiles after restoration.

Many Victorian tile designs that have been properly installed and cared for are over 150 years old. The colours are still vibrant and the surface, although worn in places, remains intact and resilient. Their lasting presence is testament to the quality of both the manufacture of the tile and the skilled installation by the artisans of a bygone era.

Victorian pathway tile patterns

The most common design that was used for exterior pathways is the black and white chequerboard using two inch square tiles.

Victorian black and white path tiles with rope-top edging alongside.
Black and White checker board path tiles.

Victorian hallway floor tiles

More elaborate and colourful designs were often used for hallways and would additionally feature what are known as encaustic tiles at the intersections of the pattern.

Popular Victorian hall floor tile pattern in grey colour tones, with red and blue highlights.
New installation of the Finsbury design hallway tiles.

Victorian micro mosaic

Decorative micro mosaic floor tiles comprising smaller tesserae were more commonly found at the entrances to commercial premises and would feature the company name or logo and floral detailing.

Marble micro mosaic entrance at Harrods.
Hand cut and assembled marble micro mosaic design.

Modern geometric tiling

With our reproduction Victorian tiles comes also the possibility of producing many contemporary designs as the combination of colours and shapes can produce many contrasting and graphic effects.

Contemporary use of geometric Victorian tiles on entryway steps.
Modern tile pattern using Victorian range of shapes.

Why choose London Mosaic

We sell a high quality range of traditional Victorian mosaic floor tiles suitable for interior and exterior use.

For a hard wearing, practical and elegant flooring solution we have the most extensive range of floor tile designs for both the traditional and contemporary home.

We offer full customisation of all our designs, from colourways to patterns. Contact our design team to discuss your requirements.

Black and White reproduction Victorian path tiles

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Sheeted Victorian floor tiles

From classic black and white tiles to decorative multi-coloured, geometric Victorian mosaic, we offer our designs in a sheeted format.

Our innovative sheeting service enables the laying of reproduction Victorian floor tile designs quicker and more accurately, saving you money on installation and delivering outstandingly beautiful results.

Individual geometric tiles are carefully assembled by hand into repeating sections that tessellate to create decorative traditional designs.

Sheeted Victorian Floor Tiles

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