Victorian period tiling

New installation of Victorian chequerboard tiles supplied on sheets
New installation of Victorian
chequerboard tiles supplied on sheets

Throughout Europe, period mosaic floor and wall tile schemes grace numerous locations. These captivating designs are renowned for their ornate nature and most commonly occur as geometric patterns or more intricate compositions crafted from small tesserae made of marble or ceramic.

New installation of Reproduction Victorian ceramic tiles supplied on sheets
Reproduction Victorian ceramic tiles
supplied on sheets

During the Victorian era, the tessellated geometric style emerged as the most popular and widespread choice for domestic homes. The design of that period continues to adorn countless floors with timeless charm.

Black and white chequerboard tiles on garden path, with rope top edging to sides
Traditional black and white garden path tiles

One of the most prevalent designs used for exterior locations was the classic black and white chequerboard pattern. This design featured 2-inch square tiles, bordered by diagonally set squares with a plain black border on each side. The chequerboard pattern adds a touch of classic elegance to any outdoor space.

High Victorian era style hallway tiles featuring patterned encaustics.
Highly decorative hallway tiles
in the High Victorian era style

For interiors, particularly in hallways, more elaborate and vibrant designs were favoured. These interiors often showcased encaustic tiles at the intersections of the lattice elements, creating mesmerizing visual patterns that have become iconic of the era.

Marble mosaic entrance tiles for Harrods, London.
New installation of marble mosaic
with Art Nouveau botanical details

In commercial premises, decorative period mosaics took centre stage, featuring lettering and floral designs created with small tesserae made of marble or ceramic. These mosaics were commonly found at entrances, captivating visitors with their intricate detailing and often incorporating the company name or logo.

At London Mosaic, we specialise in the reproduction of Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian tile designs. Our expertise extends to restore period tile schemes, whether they require cleaning or repairs. Our expertise can breathe new life into these historical treasures, ensuring their beauty continues to impress for years to come.

Our extensive catalogue features over 500 meticulously crafted designs. Each is a testament to our commitment to capturing the timeless beauty of the Victorian era while also embracing modern sensibilities through refreshing colour blends.

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Why choose London Mosaic

We supply a high quality reproduction range of Victorian floor tiles suitable for interior and exterior use.

Our geometric schemes encompass the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian periods, including a range of modern designs.

For a hard wearing, practical and elegant flooring solution we have the most extensive range of tile designs for both the traditional and contemporary home.

We offer full customisation of all our designs, from colourways to patterns. Contact our design team to discuss your requirements.

Black and White Victorian path tiles

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Sheeted Victorian floor tiles

From classic black and white tiles to decorative multi-colour mosaics, we offer our designs in a sheeted format.

Our unique tile sheeting service provides an easy solution to ensure complex Victorian floor tile designs are installed accurately and efficiently.

Individual geometric tiles are carefully assembled by hand into repeating sections that tessellate to create decorative traditional designs.

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